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Product Recall

Recall: Invacare® Bariatric Bed (Model Number BAR600IVC and BARPKG-IVC 1633), Bariatric Bed Foot Section (Model Number BAR5490IVC), Junction Box Replacement Kits (Part Number 1104343 and 1104345)

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Recall: Full Electric Bed Foot Section (Model Number 5490PMI), and Semi Electric Bed Foot Spring (Model Number 5890PMI)

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URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL: Junction Boxes (Part Number RP476068 and RP476066)

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Medical Device Field Correction - Dianz Capacitor - December 2014

Product: Component- Dianz® Capacitor (Manufactured by Xindian Part number 1099804) used in the Invacare® PerfectO2(TM) Oxygen Concentrator. No service parts were impacted in the U.S.

Model numbers: IRC5P & IRC5PO2

Invacare has recently identified a supplier quality issue that potentially impacts certain Invacare® PerfectO2(TM) concentrators. Invacare has learned that the PSI (Pressure Sensitive Interrupter) design for the compressor motor start/run capacitor by one supplier could lead to rupture.

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More Information

For service or more information regarding field corrections, please contact your local Invacare dealer. To locate a dealer in your area, utilize our Dealer Locator or call Invacare: US - 800-333-6900 or Canada - 800-668-5324 to speak with a customer service representative.