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Product Recall

Medical Device Field Correction - June 2014

Invacare Pronto M41 TSB: HQ12-09-001
Affected Products:
Invacare P/N 1143839
Description: "Controller MK5, NX (40 amp)"
Use: Used on M41 Power Wheelchairs

Invacare® Pronto® M41™ Power Wheelchair controllers obtained through Invacare Service Parts (ISP) have controllers that were programmed in a way that is not aligned to standard factory settings.
Recall Details

Medical Device Field Removal Joystick Recall - October 2013

Invacare is conducting a field correction of certain Invacare® Power Wheelchairs equipped with SPJ+ Joysticks or MK6i Driver Controls (excluding all ASL, Sip-n-Puff and Switch Control systems).

Impacted power wheelchair models are determined by the type of joystick and the date the power wheelchair was manufactured by Invacare. Power Wheelchairs with Invacare SPJ+Joystick models manufactured between September 9, 2009 and March 21, 2013 are impacted. Power Wheelchairs with an Invacare MK6i Driver Control (excluding all ASL, Sip-n-Puff and Switch Control systems)manufactured between October 1, 2006 and March 21, 2013 are impacted.
Recall Details

More Information

For service or more information regarding field corrections, please contact your local Invacare dealer. To locate a dealer in your area, utilize our Dealer Locator or call Invacare: US - 800-333-6900 or Canada - 800-668-5324 to speak with a customer service representative.