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Revised May 1, 2017
Mark NameStatusSuggested Nomenclature
A-4Registered®Invacare® A-4® Wheelchair
CARROLL ASSIST RAILRegistered®Invacare® Carroll Assist Rail® Side Rails
ContourURegistered®Invacare® ContourU® System or specific noun
GLISSANDORegistered®Invacare® GLISSANDO® Mattress
HOMEFILLRegistered®Invacare® HomeFill® Cylinder Filling System
I-LIFTRegistered®Invacare® I-LIFT™ full body floor lift
INVACARE & DesignRegistered®Use logo per brand guidelines; has ® symbol built into design
INVACARERegistered®Invacare® [associated noun]
NOTE: Do not use ® symbol if Invacare is used to refer to the entity. For example, ""Invacare is an Ohio corporation."" should NOT have ® after Invacare.
I-TRANSIARegistered®Invacare® I-Transia® Ceiling Hoist
KÜSCHALLRegistered®küschall® [associated noun]
NOTE: Do not use ® symbol if küschall is used to refer to the entity.
MATRXRegistered®Motion® Matrx® Series
Invacare® Matrx® Series
MICROAIRRegistered®Invacare® microAir® Alternating Pressure Mattress
MYBODYRegistered®Invacare® MyBody® Seating
MYONRegistered®Invacare® MyOn® Wheelchair
NUTRONRegistered®Invacare® Nutron® Power Wheelchair
PATRIOTRegistered®Invacare® PATRIOT® Wheelchair
PIN DOTRegistered®PIN DOT® Custom Seating
PLATINUMRegistered®Invacare® PLATINUM® Oxygen concentrator
PRONTORegistered®Invacare® PRONTO® power wheelchair
SEATMAKERRegistered®Invacare® SEATMAKER® Custom Seating Editing Software
SILHOUTETTERegistered®Invacare® SILHOUTETTE® System or other noun
SOLACERegistered®Carroll® SOLACE® Mattress
SOLARARegistered®Invacare® SOLARA® Custom Manual Wheelchair
SOLO2Registered®Invacare® SOLO2® Transportable Oxygen Concentrator
STORM SERIESRegistered®Invacare® STORM SERIES® Power wheelchair
SURE STEP & DesignRegistered®Invacare® SureStep® Suspension System
TDXRegistered®Invacare® TDX® SP2 Power Wheelchair
TERMINATORRegistered®Invacare® Top End® TERMINATOR® Wheelchair
THE AFTERMARKET GROUP & DESIGNRegistered®THE AFTERMARKET GROUP Logo already has the ® built in
THERAPURERegistered®Invacare® THERAPURE® Bathing System
THINK SOFTRegistered®Invacare® THINK SOFT® Positioning Device
TOP ENDRegistered®Top End® Series
TOP END & RACER DESIGNRegistered®Use logo per brand guidelines; has ® symbol built into design
TRACERRegistered®Invacare® Tracer® Wheelchair
TTRegistered®Use logo with ® symbol
ULTI-MATERegistered®Invacare® Ulti-Mate® Cushion
YES, YOU CAN.Registered®Yes, You Can.®
IVCNYSE Ticker SymbolIVC
EDLPCommon Law™Invacare® EDLP™ Program
Softform ExcelCommon Law™Invacare® Softform Excel™ Mattress
3500sCommon Law™Invacare® 3500S™ Mattress
AbsoluteCommon Law™Invacare® Absolute™ Cushion
AdvanceCommon Law™küschall® Advance™ Manual Wheelchair
AirFloCommon Law™Invacare® AirFlo™ Cushion
Aviator GreenCommon Law™Invacare® Aviator Green™ color
Blue ReleaseCommon Law™Invacare® Blue Release™ Rollator
CareGuardCommon Law™Invacare® CareGuard™ Series or specific noun
ChampionCommon Law™Invacare® Champion™ Wheelchair
Check O2 PlusCommon Law™Invacare® Check O Plus™ Feature
CompassCommon Law™Invacare® Compass™ Wheelchair
ContouraCommon Law™Invacare® Contoura™ Seating
Contracture PlatformCommon Law™Invacare® Contracture Platform™ Footrest
Court-Side GlidesCommon Law™Invacare® Court Side Glides™ Accessory
CrossfireCommon Law™Invacare® Crossfire™ Wheelchair
Desert OrangeCommon Law™Invacare® Desert Orange™ Color
Do More with OxygenCommon Law™Invacare® Do More with Oxygen™
DPJCommon Law™Invacare® DPJ™ Joystick
DurawattCommon Law™Invacare® Durawatt™ Battery
ElementCommon Law™Invacare® Element™ Oxygen Conserver
EliminatorCommon Law™Invacare® Top End® Eliminator™ Racing Wheelchair
ExceleratorCommon Law™Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ Handcycle
fit4üCommon Law™Invacare® fit ü™ Program
FlovairCommon Law™Invacare® Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion
ForceCommon Law™Invacare® Top End® Force™ Handcycle
FormulaCommon Law™Invacare® Formula™ Seating System
G-TracCommon Law™Invacare® G Trac™ Module
Get-U-UpCommon Law™Invacare® Get U Up™ Lift
HalifaxCommon Law™Invacare® Halifax™ Furniture Series
I-ClassCommon Law™Invacare® I-Class™ Walker
I-FitCommon Law™Invacare® I-Fit™ Rollator
InfinityCommon Law™Invacare® Infinity™ Drop Base
InTouchCommon Law™Invacare® InTouch™ Cushion
JasmineCommon Law™Invacare® Jasmine™ Lift
JymniCommon Law™Invacare® Jymni™ Wheelchair
K-SeriesCommon Law™Invacare® K Series™ Wheelchair
Invacare® K Series™ attract Wheelchair
KSLCommon Law™küschall® KSL™ Wheelchair
LibraCommon Law™Invacare® Libra™ Seating
M41Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M41™ Power Wheelchair
M50Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M50™ Power Wheelchair
M51Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M51™ Power Wheelchair
M61Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M61™ Power Wheelchair
M71Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M71™ Power Wheelchair
M91Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M91™ Power Wheelchair
M94Common Law™Invacare® Pronto® M94™ Power Wheelchair
MarinerCommon Law™Invacare® Mariner™ Shower Chair
MK5Common Law™Invacare® MK5™ Joystick
MK6i Common Law™Invacare® MK6i™ Joystick
ModuliteCommon Law™Invacare® Modulite™ Seating
MPJCommon Law™Invacare® MPJ™ Joystick
Invacare® MPJ™+ Joystick
OptiChargeCommon Law™Invacare® OptiCharge™ Charger
Outcomes By DesignCommon Law™Invacare® Outcomes By Design™ Program
Perfecto2Common Law™Invacare® Perfecto™ Oxygen Concentrator
PreciseRxCommon Law™Invacare® PreciseRx™ Pediatric Flowmeter
PreliminatorCommon Law™Invacare® Top End® Preliminator™ Racing Wheelchair
ProCommon Law™Invacare® Top End® Pro™ Wheelchair
ProSPINCommon Law™Invacare® ProSPIN™ Custom Manual Wheelchair
Ranger XCommon Law™Invacare® Storm Series® 3G Ranger X™ Power Wheelchair
ReliantCommon Law™Invacare® Reliant™ Lift
Roll RevolutionCommon Law™RollRevolution™ Program
RolliteCommon Law™Invacacre® Rollite™ Rollator
RozeCommon Law™Invacare® Roze™ Lift
Sensi-PulseCommon Law™Invacare® Sensi-Pulse™ Technology
Sieve - GARDCommon Law™Invacare® Sieve-GARD™ Monitor
Simplicity DSCommon Law™Invacare® Simplicity DS™ Bed
Softform PremierCommon Law™Invacare® Softform Premier™ Mattress
SPJCommon Law™Invacare® SPJ™ Joystick
Invacare® SPJ™+ Joystick
SPTCommon Law™Invacare® Compass™ SPT™ Tilt Wheelchair
StabiliteCommon Law™Invacare® Stabilite™ Cushion
SureGlideCommon Law™Invacare® SureGlide™ Walker Brake Accessory
T-5Common Law™Invacare® Top End CrossFire™ T-5™ Wheelchair
ThinAirCommon Law™Invacare® ThinAir™ Cushion
TopazCommon Law™Invacare® Topaz™ Wheelchair
TorqueCommon Law™Invacare® Storm Series® 3G Torque™ Power Wheelchair