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Thoracic Lateral Supports
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Thoracic Lateral Supports
Optional additional supports for the InTouch PCS positioning back

Product ID: PCSTL
HCPCS Code: E0956**


Optional accessories are available with the Matrx PCS Back and they include lateral thoracic supports and pelvic stabilizers. These supports are designed to provide additional positioning for the trunk and pelvis. The thoracic lateral supports in addition to the 3” of lateral contour depth inherent in the design of the back help to increase support to control lateral trunk flexion and maintain midline [centered] trunk positioning. These optional supports are adjustable in height and width for accommodating fixed postural asymmetries, correcting flexible postural deformities, or adjusting over time to support incremental postural changes.

* MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price does not include optional equipment and accessories that may be available for this product.

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