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Storm Series 3G Torque SP RWD Base only with MK6i
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3G Torque SP RWD Base Only

HCPCS Code: K0899**
HMESA CODE: 20-10-04-03
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Starting At...$6,375.00*

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The 3G Torque SP rear-wheel drive power wheelchair, is available with TrueTrack technology, is the uncommonly well-appointed economy model of the 3G Storm Series.

Standard with a High-Performance 4-pole motor package and 300-lb. weight limit, it offers many of the features and options found on the other Storm Series models, while maintaining a truly affordable price.

  • Optional patent-pending TrueTrack technology, which accurately translates the driver's commands and helps keep the power chair on a true forward path - even on slopes, thresholds and uneven terrain. TrueTrack minimizes the need for veer correction.
  • Standard independent rear-wheel suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.
  • Standard with MK6i Non-Expandable Electronics, including a MK690ACC Controller and an SPJ+ Joystick. Upgrade to Expandable Electronics by using the MPJ+ Joystick, or MK6i Display and Alternative Driver Controls.
  • Standard with the high performance 4-Pole motor package with needed power for active users, reaching a maximum speed of 6.5 mph.

  • Base Width:Standard: 4-pole motor 25" Optional: GB with TrueTrack motor 24.75" (with 14" x 3" wheels)
    Battery:Standard: 22NF
    Optional: Group 24
    Caster Options:Standard: 8" x 2.25" semi-pneumatic Optional: 8" x 2.5" pneumatic Optional: 9" x 3" pneumatic and foam-filled
    Optional 6" x 2" semi-pneumatic

    Caster Suspension Options:Standard: 8" x 2.25" semi-pneumatic Optional: 8" x 2.5" pneumatic Optional: 9" x 3" pneumatic and foam-filled
    Optional 6" x 2" semi-pneumatic
    Optional Shock Fork
    Drive Wheel Options:Standard: 14" x 3" pneumatic Optional: 14" x 3" foam-filled Optional: pneumatic and foam-filled 14" x 4" Optional: free wheel hub with HD 4-pole motor (14" x 4" adds 2" to overall width)
    Electronic Options:Standard: MK690 ACC Controller, SPJ+ Joystick.
    Option: Expandable electronics with MPJ+ Joystick or MK6i Display and Alternative Driver Controls

    Overall Length:Short base: 28.5" Long base: 31.5" (Measured from head tube to standard anti-tip wheel)
    Product Weight:190 lb (without batteries)
    Speed:Standard: 6.5 mph (max) 4-pole Optional: 7 mph (max) GB TrueTrack motor

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